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An Excerpt of “The Real Anastasia Romanov: Her Life in the United States After the 1917 Revolution as Told By Her Grand Daughter”


The New Federalist Papers – Part 1


A Joint Strategic Vision for The Future – Part 1: Moving Past the Cold War and The Start of The Peace Dividend Decade 1992-1998


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Love Peace Jesus International Christian Book




Paz del Amor Jesus Internacional - Libro Cristiano


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Our Newest Medical Computer Aided Diagnosis(CAD)


Accurate, Fast, Portable MRI Analysis

for Oncology (Cranial, Abdomen, Mammography)


In first research field test, over 95% accurate for cranial and abdominal MRI and over 85% accurate for mammography with N=1000 patient samples.


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I would like to present a discussion on the creative process showing how poetry is fabric of ? 







Some thoughts of leadership and management using visual and abstract thinking; the values of a friend and guide.


Thoughts on strategic planning in action; part of the ideas of Drucker as well as practical solutions that are forward thinking. 


A brief case study of leadership and management to end homelessness. 1. Stop the victimization, 2. Social service drop the attitude if you really wish to help 3. Legal and identity t? 


Application of transferable ideas of business development using the principles of fashion icons of Channel and James 








P.O. Box 866 ? Kenosha, WI 53141 ? [email protected]

Skype diana1k1? Twitter diana1a




Dynamic and accomplished leader with a track history of exceptional success in the fashin industry from modeling to supply chain. Outstanding business communications strategist with expertise in negotiating and developing profitable partnerships / coalitions and securing new business funding / R&D financing from private and federal investors worldwide. Visionary organizational leader, adept at change / operations / project management, product and business development, and manufacturing oversight. World-class professional with extensive experience collaborating with government, regulatory,  and multinational organizations.


Selected Highlights

·         Negotiated multimillion dollar discount contracts with various biomedical companies.

·         Broke 24-year standoff by achieving coalition with Russia Emergency Management in 1995 as Chairman of Emergency Management and Planning. [Society for Computer Simulation]

·         Successfully managed a $2M per year project to rebuild and re certify FACS (Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorter) Laboratory. [Milwaukee Medical Research Park]

·         Forged a long-term software joint venture with a European Union Medical Company (similar to GE Medical). [Nucletron]

·         Negotiated a pending software Joint Venture with a US company for over 18 years. [Kanecki Associates, Inc.]

·         Secured $8M in long-term research contracts within one year. [Milwaukee Medical Research Park]

·         Produced a software portfolio with first five being marketed.? [Kanecki Associates]

·         Generated multi-millions in funding for organization by applying improved practices, and enhanced quality, and results orientation. [Society for Computer Simulation]

·         Drove a potential multi-million in joint venture sales potential with a five-member team. [Kanecki Associates, Inc.]

·         Produce and Manage a $33M  industrial portfolio with an ROI increase of 19.1% and over 10% in ROI last three years ? [DKA Strategic Planning]

·         Produce and Manage a $20M e-book portfolio with an ROI of 13.7%/yr and over 10% in ROI last three years [DKA Strategic Planning]

·         Administer a non-profit valued at $28M.


Areas of Expertise

Medical Research

Human Relations


Accounting / Finance

Operations Management

Organizational Behavior

Business Communications

Business Legal Operations

Statistics / Research Methods


Venture Capital

Portfolio Development

Investment Growth

Intellectual Property

Active Security Clearance (Confidential)


Non Profit






B2B Speaker


Fashion Illustration/Design

Human Relations


Accounting / Finance

Operations Management

Organizational Behavior

Business Communications

Business Legal Operations

Statistics / Research Methods



Branding for Online sales

Branding for Stores

Franchise Expansion

Customer Incentive Programs

Successful Meetings

Investigate/Develop New Suppliers

New Sourcing Venues ? i.e. China

Evaluate Factory Performance

New Product Introduction ? Time and Budget

Maintain Supplier Business Relationships

Resolve Online Product/Delivery

Direct Teams for Product Placement

Manage Factory Capacity

Meet Specifications for Quality Assurance


Exceed Internal/External Customer Expectations

Maintain Effective Customer Relationships

Change Management

Executive Coaching





ENTREPRENEUR                                                                                                                International

Developer of new business, markets, and investment portfolios


President                                                                                                                                1993 to Present

·         Drove new business formation

·         Established business registration (LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp)

·         Initiated and developed venture capital

·         Drove and established new markets and ventures via megacity, geo-economics, etc. along with new product development and horizontal/vertical integration/system thinking

·         Established financial policy

·         Established general counsel policy

·         Expanded markets worldwide including BRIC countries and other areas

·         Established companies DKA Strategic Planning, Kanecki Associates, KaneckiArt, and others

·         Established and expanded EU fine apparel company?s entrance to United States, North American market.

·         Expertise in CRM and POS for online sales and marketing with major vendors as Amazon, Digital River, Barnes and Noble.

·         Leader in creative arts industry as a fashion visionary, illustrator, artist, and author.

·         High fashion industry rating in takingitglobal.org (diana7) with a badge of artistic achievement and high rank within the top 1% of members.

·         Expertise in working with China and other countries in establishing business relationships.

·         Full understanding of fashion and fashion marketing from designer to sales, BOGO and other customer incentive programs.

·         Expertise in international trade and with federal BIS guidelines.

·         Investigate, locate, analyze and develop new suppliers (factories) to bring a world-class supply base to the organization

·         Involves and directs our China Office in helping locate new sourcing venues that meet all . Actively in communication with China and Hong Kong fashion industry groups for over 10 years.

·         Develops a format to evaluate factories performance, and directs China team to inspect factories and conduct supplier business reviews --- I have a developed methodology that works worldwide and has improved product development, organizational behavior, and customer satisfaction for over 20 years.

  • Develops and manages a vendor matrix for both domestic and direct purchases to support on time and on-budget new product introduction --- I can use various methods as big data along with canned and in-house development tools to perform business intelligence to aid in determining customer preferences and selections.
  • Maintains and promotes sound business relationships with suppliers as a strategic partner. I have maintained relationships for over 10 years with Digital River, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Fashion Bug, and others.
  • Develop and drive opportunities to eliminate waste from the supply chain process. My expertise includes operations with optimization to improve processes and add better organizational behavior and happiness which is seen by the customer and reflected in increased customer sales and loyalty.
  • Interfaces with quality control to ensure our factory partners are achieving standards. My expertise includes using CRM, ERP, and POS to monitor and develop methds to achieve and improve standards.
  • Maintains awareness of all production issues and problems --- expertise in ERP, ISIM, and other methods. Also, I practice walk-around management to solve issues quickly in an informal setting.
  • Assists in resolving issues necessary to ensure on-time production and delivery of products --- excellent in physical and online team management with members worldwide as well as establishing team charters to keep focused and directed.
  • Provides direction to product teams in terms of where products could be placed --- expertise in team resolution, coordination, and strategic planning. Develop strategic plans for national and international markets to determine new markets and best placement of products (see amazon.com, search Kanecki)
  • Manages capacities of selected factories for potential product placement ---- expertise in ISIM and production management to get best results even with massive constraints.
  • Interfaces with Quality Assurance, Merchandising and Product Development areas to ensure final product meets specifications, and then communicate issues to the factories --- expertise in Juran methodology as well as CRM, ERP, and Incentive based methods.
  • Acts as a troubleshooter if problems arise in a factory that needs FAE?S representation --- troubleshooting is easy and I have used an approach of coaching and democratic management first to resolve and improve.
  • Dedicated to exceeding the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers, gets first-hand customer information and uses it for improvement in the overall sourcing process --- driven as I believe it is important grow at specific rate; namely, a business should provide a greater return to its; stakeholders than they could get with a bank.
  • .Establishes and maintains effective customer relationships to gain their trust and respect ---- I have maintained customer relationship through consulting, author, and lecturer/presenter with customers worldwide.


CORAVIR VETERAN?S CORREGATE HOME                                                                         Zion, IL

Providing assistance to veteran?s in residential apartment facility and after separation services

Board President                                                                                                                    2013 to Present

·         Administer on-site duties of veteran?s home

·         Develop relationships for donation and funding of veteran?s

·         Provide strategic planning and leadership

·         Coordinate with board and members on finance, goals and objectives, and function and purpose.

·         Crisis management with residents

·         Crisis management with corporate operations.

·         Leading / coaching of personnel and residents.



INFRAGARD (HOMELAND SECURITY).                                                                        Milwaukee, WI

Provider and developer of security, medical, and government products and services

Executive: Computer Infrastructure, Medical, and Financial Sector                            2007 to Present

·         Evaluate secure information on homeland security matters.

·         Recommend and develop strategic plan for national and international areas

·         Continuous training and briefing in techniques, coordination, and management aspects.


DKA STRATEGIC PLANNING INC.                                                                                   Chicago, IL

Provider and developer of executive management services, creative services, product development portfolios, and advanced learning through e-book publications.


President                                                                                                                                  1993 to Present

·         Drove new product development and expanded client base.

·         Effectively liaised with both domestic and European Union companies to cooperate on joint ventures on technology licensing, e-book production and distribution.

·         Developed, managed, and delivered multiple products and services to develop new business opportunities as manufacturing methods portfolio, e-book portfolio, identity theft services, and creative services in fashion and beauty.

·         Developed and expanded online presence, sales, and CRM in all products and services with portals as kaneckiart.webs.com and dianakanecki.webs.com.

·         Initiated bids with companies on, but not limited to, extreme engine operations, major food company for a better way to make pasta quickly, medical products, propulsion, aerospace, plastics, waste processing, and e-waste processing. 5 of 19 cold call bids proceeding to advanced discussions in 2012.


KANECKI ASSOCIATES, INC.                                                                                             Chicago, IL

Provider and developer of security, medical, and government products and services (primarily software)  

President                                                                                                                                  1993 to Present

·         Drove a potential joint venture sales with a five-member team

·         Effectively liaised with both domestic and European Union companies to cooperate on joint ventures.

·         Steered communications with FDA and EU to gain approval of medical analysis product.

·         Developed, managed, and delivered multiple products and services to develop new business opportunities.

·         Initiated bids with companies and agencies (21) with consultation in 2012.

·         Steered and expanded medical software presence internationally in Japan and EU in 2012.



Provider of professional and consulting services to multinational government and military organizations and agencies, including FEMA, DOD, Navy, Air Force, and Army

Emeritus Vice President                                                                                                       2000 to Present

Chairman | AVP of Emergency Management                                                                         1992 to 1999

·         Broke 24-year standoff by achieving coalition with Russia Emergency Management in 1995.

·         Devised and implemented multinational cooperative activities to share and implement new ideas and strategies; result: improved operations and practices for the United States, European Emergency Management, and others from the EU, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Canada, United State, Finland, and China.

·         Initiated and developed liaison with the President G.H.W. Bush and President Clinton Administrations regarding Natural Emergency Management and Non Natural Emergency Management (including terrorism and Presidential Directive 63).

·         Improved the operations of Emergency Management and Planning by increasing cooperation, reducing/mitigating silos, and coaching leadership.







BS, Applied Computer Science ? University of Wisconsin, Parkside


BS, Biological Science (Pre-Med) ? University of Wisconsin


Certificate, Flow Cytometry ? Becton Dickinson


Certificate, Cellular Biology and Immunology / National Flow Cytometry Resource ? Los Alamos National Laboratory


MBA, Masters of Business Administration ? University of Phoenix


D.M., Doctor of Management, Doctoral Candidate, University of Phoenix


Licensed Tax Preparer, Internal Revenue Service, Valid to July 2013


Licensed Legal Expense Insurance, Wisconsin, 2013.


License Legal Expense Insurance, Illinois, 2013


Active Security Clearance





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Invention in G Major (Classical Contemporary) 


My Newest Book on Fashion - "Fashionable Fusion"



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