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Allande-Denmark Distributor (First in United States)



We are happy to be the first Allande-Denmark distributor in the United States. We wish to share with you innovative, creative, fashion lingerie. Look through our online catalog; we can be contacted by skype at diana1k1, email via our contact form, or by phone at +1-262-331-9915. We are located in the Milwaukee / Chicago area and are available for special occasions. Please note, our prices to subject to change --- we will contact by email from [email protected] before proceeding with your order.



 Winter - Spring 2014


 String (basic) 


String (Embellished




Brasserie Balconnet  (Basic



Brasserie Balconnet (Embellished)





 Slip (Basic)


Slip (Embellished)


Brassiere Amplimousse (Basic)


Brassiere Amplinousse (Embellished) 




 String Fantasy (Basic)


String Fantasy (Embellished)


Brasiere Souten-gorge (Basic)



Brasiere Souten-gorge (Emebellished)


Brasiere Amplimousse (Basic)



Brasiere Amplimousse (Embellished)


 Slip (Basic)


Slip (Embellished)


Brassiere Souteen-gorge (Basic)


Brassiere Souten-gorge (Embellished) 


 String (Basic)


String (Embellished)



Soutien-gorge  (Basic)


Soutien-gorge (Embellished)



Ampilmousse (Basic)



Ampilmousse (Embellished) 




Culotte gainante (Basic)


Culotte gainante (Embellished)


Soutien-gorge armatures  (Basic)


Soutien - gorge armatures (Embellished)




 String (Basic)


String (Embellished)


Soutien-gorge balconnet (Basic)


Soutien-gorge balconnet (Embellished)



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 Culotte (Basic)


Culotte (Embellished)


Soutien--gorge armatures (Basic)


Soutien-gorge armatures (Embellished)







 Summer 2012