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Thumbtack, StyleSeat, LegalShield


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 Style Seat 

Fashion Illustration From Photo Pen 12x18

Pen Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration From Photo Acrylic


Acryllic Fashion Illustration



Style Consultation From Photo

Style Consultation From Photo

On Site Style Consultation - Chicago/Milwaukee Area

On site Style Consultation


Original Cover Art and Limited Paperback Production Services






 Legal Shield - Protect Your Identity

Are Concerned About Your Credit Card Information?

Call me, Legal Shield Identity Theft may help. 



Podcast Check Fraud

Podcast Identity Fraud

Legal Plan and Identity Theft Protection Plan  






 Build Lasting Success - Grow Your Business, Legal Contract Help, and More
 NAA - Insurance Plans for Individuals and Business


 Publishing Services - Ghostwriting and Cover Design


 Cover Design


 Ghostwriting - Newest Project



    Let us know what you think - a few of our most recent ad designs



 Acrylic 18 x 24 inch Ad Design
Acrylic Ad Design
 Pen/Marker 18 x 24 Inc Ad Design
Pen Ad Design
 Digital 18 24 Inch Ad Design (600 bpi)
Digital Ad Design